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Coffee To Coffee Solutions

Looking for a selection of high-quality drinks to offer your customers or employees? Not only do we work with the latest technology of barista grade coffee machines, as experienced coffee roasters we guarantee only the finest quality ingredients are used in our machines and with free installation & supplies to start from day one, where would you like to put yours?

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Coffee To Go

Looking for a selection of high-quality drinks to offer your customers or employees? Our coffee to go solutions are perfect for offices & business's who are interested in offering their customers a hot drinks selection. Units can be made to suit your working environment.

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Cafe Colco - Eco Reseller

With our reseller packages, you can be up and running from day one. Each package has been made to ensure you are in profits when selling our products. Help increase up-selling opportunities by bundling them with other products, for example hot food for the breakfast rush or maybe add a sandwich for lunch? the choice is yours and with our eye catching POS materials your customers will know that you are selling our trusted brand.

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Coffee Roaster

As coffee roasters with over 30 years experience roasting the worlds finest coffees, we know what it means to produce a great cup of Coffee. It is this experience that sets us apart as we have developed the best roast profile to use in our coffee machines and as roasters, you can guarantee your coffee will always be fresh!!

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Engineer at Colco Coffee installing a coffee to go bean to cup machine for one of their clients

Trusted Partner

When you join the Colco family, not only will you receive free installation & training, you will receive on-going support & service to ensure you are always getting the best experience. As we develop & release new products you will be at the forefront to ensure everything is always up to date and with our in-house team of engineers and support staff, rest assured..

We've got you covered !

The coffee machine packages can be purchased or leased, and with or without a unit based on your preference.

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Premium Selections

With 8 selections available, you can be sure to cater to any requirements, Choose from:

Espresso, Americano, Cappuccino, Latte, Hot Chocolate, Mocha, Flat White & Hot Water. Add syrups to make to make Caramel, Vanilla lattes etc.

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Why Colco Coffee?

With our easy to follow program & ongoing support our customers have found the following benefits:

Over 400% profit margins on cups of Coffee sold.

Over 250% increase in up-selling opportunities

150% increase in amount of returning customers

Can be purchased, Leased or ask about our profit share option!

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