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A New Brew on the Block: How Coffee Captivated the UK, and our Journey as Roasters

by Joseph Shuttleworth on Aug 22, 2023

A New Brew on the Block: How Coffee Captivated the UK, and our Journey as Roasters

In the land where "put the kettle on" was almost a national motto, something's brewing that's a bit stronger, richer, and more aromatic than the traditional tea. Yes, we're talking about coffee, the beloved bean that's stealing the limelight from tea in the UK for the first time.

A shared article in the Sun Online led us to delve into this further and as passionate coffee roasters, we've witnessed and been a part of this transformative journey. Let’s pour over the details of this caffeinated revolution.

A Tale Steeped in History

The UK's romance with tea began in the 17th century, a love affair that lasted for centuries, marked by afternoon tea sessions and the ever-present teapot on the breakfast table. But change, much like a good roast, is inevitable.



The Rise of Coffee Culture

The past decade has seen an undeniable rise in coffee culture across the UK. Urban streets are dotted with artisanal coffee shops, and large coffee chains have spread rapidly. The British are not just drinking more coffee, they're enjoying it in myriad ways - from cappuccinos and lattes to cold brews and espresso martinis.

The Beans Behind the Boom

Several factors have contributed to coffee's rising popularity:

Worldly Tastes: The world has come to the UK's doorstep, bringing along a rich tapestry of flavours, including the alluring aromas of coffee from distant lands. Since we began Colco Coffee we have seen the rise of various coffee profile requests from our customers including bean variety and roast profiling increase significantly.

Experience Beyond the Cup: Modern coffee houses offer more than just coffee, the coffee shops we work with provide ambiance, a story, and an art in every brew.

The Younger Sip: Millennials and Gen-Z, with their penchant for unique experiences and global tastes, have gravitated towards coffee, making it a symbol of modern British culture.

 From Bean to Brew: Our Roasting Story

In the heart of this transition, we've been roasting our beans, perfecting the art, and ensuring that every cup captures the essence of its origin. As coffee roasters, Craftsmanship Matters. Our journey is a mix of tradition and innovation. We respect the bean's origin, ensuring each roast highlights its unique flavour profile.

The growth of the coffee industry isn't just about taste; it's an economic story too contributing to job opportunities and supporting sustainable practices.


Tea's Gentle Simmer

Tea isn't fading into oblivion; it's merely sharing the stage. While coffee houses sprout, there's also a surge in specialty tea blends and gourmet infusions. Much like our coffee journey, tea too is evolving, ready for its next chapter.


The Last Drop

The UK's beverage scene is a mirror to its dynamic, evolving culture. As coffee carves its niche, we're excited to roast, brew, and be a part of this transformative era. So whether your cup holds a robust coffee or a delicate tea, here's to fresh beginnings and age-old traditions, all in one sip!

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