Don Jose

Colombian Coffee - Supremo Arabica - Don Jose
Colombian Coffee - Supremo Arabica - Don Jose

Colombian Coffee is renowned around the world as being one of the finest tasting coffees. Colombia are the second-largest producer of coffee however they are the largest producer of washed Arabica in the world exporting around 12.5 million sacks annually. Each sack weighing around 70kg

Colombia is not only a beautiful country with breath taking sceneries. It is also fantastic and perfect for harvesting coffee due to the variety of terrains and microclimates meaning some parts of the country produce coffee through out the year.

Colombian Supremo Arabica refers to the largest Colombian coffee beans with the finest quality. These are traditionally handpicked and sorted to eliminate defects resulting in a uniform coffee bean with their size referred to as either Screen 18 or Screen 19 bean. The term Screen is used to determine a coffee beans size. The resulting coffee bean allows for a consistent roast and amazing flavour profile easily making it one of the best if not the best coffee there is to offer.

Many coffees in the world are supplied with varying sizes and defects which can result in inconsistent roasts and flavour tones and are often masked with extremely dark roasts. These coffees are often what the large corporates and chains use as the cost is reduced significantly although this has changed drastically over recent years with more people releasing the importance & benefits of freshly roasted speciality coffee.

Here at Colco Coffee we specialise in Colombia's Finest coffee which is the Supremo Arabica. Our family coffee farm based in Salazar, Norte De Santander was once a thriving producer of Supremo Arabica however due to conflict in the country our family were forced to move to the city and production seized, Our dream is to once again establish a world class coffee from our farm in Salazar whilst supporting other farmers in the regeneration of  coffee farms. We are doing this via our initiative "Fincas De Colombia" 

In its hay day, our farm was run by Don Jose, He was an expert in Supremo Arabica and how to detect the subtleties in each bean, from hand picking the Supremo Coffee to sorting it and Hand Roasting it to release the finest flavours. This knowledge has been passed down through generations and is why we work so closely with Colombian Supremo Arabica and the farmers in Colombia who's expertise allow us to continue tradition. This is why our Supremo Arabica Coffee is called Don Jose, a fitting testament to the man that started it all.