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Colombia's finest Coffee: Discover Don Jose Supremo Arabica

by Joseph Shuttleworth on Jan 07, 2023

Colombia's finest Coffee: Discover Don Jose Supremo Arabica

Are you a coffee lover looking for something truly special and unique?

Look no further than Don Jose Colombian coffee, the premier single origin Colombian specialty coffee that's sure to delight, whether you prefer your coffee Smooth or Dark, we have the solution. With our Don Jose Smooth & Don Jose Dark options. Our Supremo Arabica beans are carefully selected from the finest regions in Colombia and expertly roasted by hand to bring out their full flavour and aroma, but it's not just about the coffee,  as a member of The Coffee Club, you'll also be making a difference with every sip. Keep reading to learn more about what sets Don Jose coffee apart and the benefits of joining our subscription service.

What makes Don Jose Colombian Coffee special?

With its bold, nutty taste and hints of chocolate and caramel, our Colombian supremo beans are the perfect choice for those who crave a bold, full bodied coffee.

Single origin: Our coffee is sourced from a single origin, the region of Norte De Santander Colombia, known for its rich, fertile soil and has been said to be the birthplace of Coffee in Colombia. It is said In 1808 the first commercial production was registered with 100 green coffee bags (60 kg each) that were exported from the port of Cucuta. (The Birthplace of our Founder Joe)  A priest named Francisco Romero is attributed to have been very influential in the propagation of the crop in the northeast region of the country. After hearing the confession of the parishioners of the town of Salazar de la Palmas, ( The birthplace of our Master Roaster Angy) he required as penance the cultivation of coffee. This means that each batch of Don Jose coffee carries with it a little part of history.

Supremo Arabica: We use only the highest quality Supremo Arabica beans, which are carefully hand picked and sorted to ensure that only the best make it into your cup. Supremo Arabica beans are known for their smooth, well-rounded flavour and low acidity, making them a popular choice among coffee connoisseurs.

Hand Roasted: At Colco Coffee we take pride in our traditional roasting techniques. Don Jose was named after Angy’s father and is roasted using the same techniques he used when roasting coffee at his plantation in Salazar, Norte De Santander. Our beans are slowly roasted in small batches, allowing us to carefully monitor and control the roasting process to achieve the perfect balance of flavour and aroma. Whether you prefer a smooth or dark roast, Angy has got you covered.

Don Jose: 

 The benefits of joining Colco Coffee’s Coffee Club with Don Jose

Customizable: As a member of our subscription coffee club, you'll have the option to customize your coffee to your preferred brew method. Choose from whole beans or select one of our pre-ground options, including Moka Pot, Cafetierre, and more.

Plant a tree: One of the things that sets Don Jose apart is our commitment to sustainability. For every order placed through our coffee club, we'll plant a tree in the region where our coffee is sourced. This helps to offset the carbon emissions of transportation and support reforestation efforts in Colombia.

Support Colombian farmers: By subscribing to the coffee club with Don Jose, you'll be directly supporting the small scale farmers who grow our Supremo Arabica beans. A portion of the profits from each sale goes back to these farmers to help improve their livelihoods and communities.

Free delivery: As a member of the coffee club, you'll enjoy free delivery within the UK. No more running out of coffee or purchasing stale coffee from dusty shelves - we'll bring the coffee to you!

Discounts: As a way of thanking our loyal customers, we offer a 10% discount on recurring orders to members of the Don Jose coffee club. This means you can save money and enjoy your favourite coffee on a regular basis.

If you would like to try Colombia’s finest coffee and make a difference with every sip, you can subscribe today to the Don Jose coffee club and get 40% off your first 2 orders. Simply use the promo code DONJOSE23 at checkout. Hurry this offer is only available until the end of January (2023). After your first 2 orders, you’ll continue to receive the 10% discount on all recurring orders as a member of the Colco Coffee club. Join now and take your coffee experience to another level.


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