La Pequeña Bean to Cup Coffee Machine

4L Water Tank
Mains Water Fitted

La Pequena: A space-efficient coffee machine designed for up to 50 daily cups, ensuring consistent 8oz servings. Each purchase includes a Cafe Colco starter pack for over 1000 drinks.

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Ideal for Small Settings:

La Pequena is perfectly suited for environments where space might be a concern, yet quality cannot be compromised. Available tanked or plumbed in.


Designed for businesses that serve up to 50 cups per day, it ensures you're not overspending on capacities you don't need.


Sized for Convenience:

The 8oz drink size means that customers can enjoy a satisfying coffee experience which fits perfectly into most standard sized cups and coffee glasses.

Consistency with Every Cup:

No matter if it's the first cup of the morning or the fiftieth of the day, La Pequena guarantees the same aromatic and flavorful cup every time.

Key Features

  • Single Touch Selection
  • 8oz Drinks
  • 8 Drink Selections
  • 4L Water Tank
  • Easy to Clean
  • Recommended daily output up to 50 drinks

Machine Capacity

  • 1200g Coffee Beans
  • 600g Milk Powder
  • 800g Chocolate Powder

Free Cafe Colco Starter Pack included - Enough for OVER 1000 Drinks 

Included in your new Bean To Cup machine purchase or lease package:
  • 5kg Freshly Roasted Colco Coffee Beans
  • 1L Flavoured Coffee Syrup
  • 5kg Luxury Hot Chocolate Powder
  • 5kg Luxury Skimmed Milk Powder
  • Installation & Training

Every Cafe Colco package includes complimentary installation, training and a one-year service agreement included as standard.

Our priority is ensuring a hassle free partnership from day one with our team of experienced engineers on standby, ready to help.

Service Features:

  • Routine Maintenance: Scheduled check-ups to ensure every machine runs as smoothly as it did on day one.

  • Quick Response: A commitment to address any issues in record time to minimize disruptions.

  • Expert Technicians: Highly trained professionals familiar with aspect of your Café Colco machine.

  • Genuine Parts: Only authentic parts used, guaranteeing the continued high performance of your machine.

Additional service cost available for additional years, please request a quote to discuss in further detail.

Please leave your details below and we will contact you regardng our Cafe Colco Bean To Business Coffee Packages

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