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An overview of our most popular roast profiles:
Light Roast 
Our Light Roast maintains the fruity undertones of the coffee with a light body and high acidity. Often used for some speciality coffee's with natural aromas.
Medium Roast
Our Medium Roast is roasted beyond the first crack which maintains the flavour tones of the coffee & natural oils. Well balanced all round.
Smooth Roast 
Our Smooth Roast is roasted before the second crack and brings out a more balanced profile with great aroma and flavour tones.
Dark Roast 
Our Dark Roast is roasted beyond the second crack which brings out the natural oils and allows for a full body coffee with low acidity 
Special Roast 
Our Special Roast is a unique mixture of two roasts blended together exclusive to Colco Coffee.
If you are interested in a particular roast that is not listed above, please feel free to ask us at