"Family is at the heart of our business"

Colco Coffee began in a farm in Salazar, Norte de Santander, Colombia with Don Jose and remains a family business sourcing and roasting some of the world’s finest coffees, Our Master roaster Angela (Don Jose’s Daughter) grew up on the plantation and fell in love with Coffee at a very early age. Angela would often follow her father around the plantation and help where she could. It was here where she learnt the importance of each bean and crop which has helped us source the finest quality coffee to this day. Colco Coffee is currently run by Angela & her son Joe along with a great team of support staff & trusted supply chain. Angela continues to look after the coffee roaster while Joe runs the day to day operations and is looking at the future of Colco Coffee.

Here at Colco we love our coffee and the different flavours each region can produce however our preference is still our Colombian Supremo. Our family coffee farm based in Salazar, Norte De Santander was once a thriving producer of Supremo Arabica and it has been our dream ever since to establish a world class coffee from our farm in Salazar whilst supporting other farmers in the regeneration of coffee farms. Every sale gets us one bean closer. Don Jose was an expert in detecting the subtleties in each bean, from hand picking the Supremo Coffee to Hand Roasting it to release the finest flavours. This knowledge has been passed down through generations and is why we work so closely with Colombian Supremo Arabica and the surrounding farmers who's expertise allow us to continue tradition. This is why our Supremo Arabica Coffee is called Don Jose, a fitting testament to the man that started it all.

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Colco Coffee is a supplier of speciality coffees, including single origin and unique house blends. Trusted by customers all around the world.

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As coffee roasters we are able to cater to a variety of business requirements including high volume orders and bespoke blends. Contact us today to express your interest or enquire about our retail capabilities.

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Colco Coffee are leading suppliers of commercial bean to cup reseller packages. Benefit from a growing industry by supplying your customers with award winning coffees and experience repeat business, upselling oppurtuniuites aswell as high profit margins.

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