About Us

"Family is at the heart of our business"

Colco Coffee began in a farm in Salazar, Norte de Santander, Colombia with Don Jose and remains a family business sourcing and roasting some of Colombia’s finest coffee’s. Our products are named after family members and also after terms of endearment. Below is a picture of Don Jose on his Coffee Plantation where his daughter & our master roaster Angela grew up.

"Fincas De Colombia"

Being registered Farmers ourselves we work with other farmers who share the same core values as us which is family, Community and making a great cup of coffee. All of our coffee is freshly roasted in the UK and a percentage of our profits are used to support coffee farming in Colombia. 
 Via an initiative we call "Fincas De Colombia" we work closely with coffee farmers in Colombia, some of whom still work and live in places with no running water or electricity and transport Coffee via old unsafe roads and paths. We are no where near where we would like to be but every purchase gets us a little closer to improving the living standards for farmers who work so hard to provide us with the coffee we love so much.

"A little bit about us"

Here at Colco Coffee we are firm believers that what makes a good cup of coffee is ensuring the correct roasts are performed to bring out the best flavours, not only each bean but also each crop which is why we follow the same principles we have used for generations. Just like giving the same ingredients to various chefs and receiving different results, the flavours can differ per Roaster and our Master Roaster Angela has perfected this skill and has developed her own unique methods. 


Angy - Master Roaster

Having grown up spending her time on a Coffee Plantation in Colombia Angela is able to identify the subtleties in each bean and truly encompasses what it means to be a Coffee Roaster both modern and traditional. We  offer this Colombian based roast for various other coffee beans from around the world under our Salazar Range which adds our stamp to other ethically source speciality coffees.


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