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Don Jose Fresh Colombian Coffee Smooth Roast is roasted to the second crack which gives it a smooth and rich depth and is a favourite amongst coffee lovers who prefer their  coffee with a fruitier acidity. This coffee is truly brilliant due to the supreme quality of every bean. The smoother roast is ideal  for Cold Brew coffee as it produces a natural sweetness.


Don Jose is where it all began. Don Jose coffee was named after Angela's father recreating the same techniques used by Don Jose himself in a farm in Salazar Colombia.  It is roasted using the same method as it  has for generations to ensure the best quality is maintained. We use only the finest Colombian Supremo Arabica screen 19 beans which is the crème de la crème of Colombian Coffee and what many say is the best coffee in the world.


 Don Jose Colombian Supremo Arabica Profiling

    Don Jose Fresh Colombian Coffee is a Screen 19 lot produced by a group of small farmers in the region surrounding Don Jose's Coffee Farm.

    A percentage of sales is returned to promote growth in Don Joses Farm and surrounding families. The coffee is handpicked and washed which produces a balanced fruity flavour with a syrupy body going into a long toffee texture and a malt finish giving it a high cupping score

    We supply this coffee in the following grind profiles

    We also supply this coffee in the following Roasts:

    • Dark Roast
    • Special Roast
    • Unroasted Green Coffee Beans

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