Ethiopian Coffee – Santico - Medium Roast
Our Ethiopian coffee Is roasted to a medium roast and is part of our Salazar Range. This coffee was chosen due to its complex flavours and high quality finish.
Where is this coffee from?
Ethiopia - Djimma
1750 -2000m asl
What variety of coffee is it?
Ethiopian Arabica – Heirloom
Colco – The Salazar Range 
What Certification does it hold?
Our Ethiopian coffee is certified via Fairtrade.
The Farmers who grow this coffee receive fair pricing and investment into their communities. Fair trade certified coffee directly supports the coffee farming community.
What is the Process Method?
Handpicked, Wet.
What are the tasting notes?
Well bodied coffee with a low acidity. It has a nutty profile with chocolate tones and hints of spice.
What type of roast do you use for this coffee?
Medium Roast – CC Strength 3/5
What is the meaning behind the name?
Santico coffee is named after Angela's partner. His name is Carmelo Santiago and Angela’s nickname for him is Santico.  The pair met through friends in a coffee shop in London. The Ethiopian coffee was his favourite so she decided to name it after him.  We use the image of the country flag in our Salazar Range labels
What are the traditional brew methods?
Ethiopian Coffee is traditionally prepared using a clay pot called a Pan or Jebana. The beans are roasted then ground to the consistency of filter and brought to the boil. It is served straight with care to avoid the grounds entering the cup.
Colco Recommendations
Due to the chocolatey and nutty undertones, this coffee is a good choice for espressos when making Cappuccinos or Lattes.

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