House Blend – Blend 66 – Special Roast
Our Blend 66  coffee Is roasted to a special roast and is part of our house blend range. This coffee is unique to Colco Coffee and was developed in house by our master roaster Angela.
Where is this coffee from?
Vietnam & Ethiopia
1.250 -1750m asl
What variety of coffee is it?
A unique blend of Vietnamese Robusta & Ethiopian Arabica – Heirloom
Colco – The House Blends 
What Certification does it hold?
Our Blend 66 coffee is certified via Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance & UTZ.
The Farmers who grow this coffee receive fair pricing and investment into their communities. Fair trade certified coffee directly supports the coffee farming community whilst The benefits of Rainforest Alliance include ecosystem conservation, wildlife protection & working conditions for farmers. UTZ Certified is the world’s largest programme for sustainable coffee and cocoa farming and focuses on good agricultural practices, farm management and the environment.
What is the Process Method?
Handpicked, Wet.
What are the tasting notes?
Full bodied coffee with a nutty chocolate flavour & hint of spice . The unique special roast performed complements these two beans perfectly.
What type of roast do you use for this coffee?
Special Roast – CC Strength 3/5
What is the meaning behind the name?
Our Blend 66 coffee was named after Angela's year of birth (Although a gentleman never asks) We can also say it was when England won the world cup, either way it’s a special year and the perfect name to give to this special roast. This coffee is roasted using a unique blend developed over time using various roasts unique to Colco Coffee. An image of Angela herself can be seen on the label.
Colco Recommendations
Given the background of these beans we would suggest keeping things simple and using either a filtered process or a cafetiere. Due to the chocolatey and nutty undertones, this coffee is also a good choice for espressos when making Cappuccinos or Lattes. This is a popular coffee for restaurants and coffee shops.

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