Colombian Coffee - Doña Ester - Medium Roast (De-Caffeinated)
Doña Ester Sugar Cane Decaf is roasted to a medium roast which gives it a rich depth and is perfect for this loved coffee bean. This all natural coffee is decaffeinated  using fermented sugar cane. A sweetness is created during the fermentation process and contributes to what’s often described as the “fruitiness” in a young wine. Perfect for those unable to consume  or sensitive to caffeine and can even be enjoyed as a late night drink.
Where is this coffee from?
Colombia – Cauca
1.500 -2100m asl
What variety of coffee is it?
Colombian Arabica – Caturra
Colco - Colombia’s Finest
What Certification does it hold?
Our Colombian Decaffeinated coffee is certified  via Fairtrade.
The Farmers who grow this coffee receive fair pricing and investment into their communities. Fair trade certified coffee directly supports the coffee farming community.
What is the Process Method?
Handpicked, Fully Washed, De-Caffeinated using fermented Sugar Cane
What are the tasting notes?
The all natural process gives this coffee a hint of tropical fruit and citrus yet leaving a creamy body.
What type of roast do you use for this coffee?
Medium Roast – CC Strength 3/5
What is the meaning behind the name?
Doña Ester coffee was named after Angela's mother. They say behind every good man is a strong woman and no better example of this was Don Jose’s wife, Doña Ester, who would often help Don Jose on their coffee farm. An Image of Dona Ester herself can be seen on the label.
What are the traditional brew methods?
Colombian Coffee is traditionally prepared using a colador (cloth filter) or by boiling the coffee grounds with Panela (Raw Sugar Cane) over heat, Tinto is the name given to a small black coffee.
Due to the complexity of our Colombian Supremo Arabica, many customers prefer to keep things simple brewing their coffee and drinking it black or with a splash of milk/milk substitutes.
Colco Recommends
We love this Sugar Cane decaf for its complex flavours. We recommend this coffee for Filter, Cafetieres & Cold Brews.

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