House Blend – Cafe Colco – Smooth Roast
Our Cafe Colco is a unique blend of Supreme & AA rated Arabica coffees. This coffee is a blend exclusive  to Colco Coffee and is roasted to a Medium Dark roast which brings out the complexity to this blend of top graded arabica coffee. It is a favourite among many wholesale customers due to its versatility.

Where is this coffee from?

Colombia, Brazil & Honduras - S18 Supreme Arabica
Ethiopia - AA Arabica

What variety of coffee is it?
Unique Blend of Arabica Coffee
Colco – The House Blends
 What Certification does it hold?
Our Cafe Colco blend coffee is certified via Fairtrade & Rainforest Alliance.
The Farmers who grow this coffee receive fair pricing and investment into their communities. Fair trade certified coffee directly supports the coffee farming community whilst The benefits of Rainforest Alliance include ecosystem conservation, wildlife protection & working conditions for farmers. 
 What is the Process Method?
Handpicked, Wet & natural
What are the tasting notes?
Well bodied coffee with a Chocolate & nutty tones with a hint of caramel & honey.
What type of roast do you use for this coffee?
Smooth  Roast – CC Strength 3/5
What is the meaning behind the name?
Cafe Colco was named after the company as it is a unique blend used exclusively by Colco Coffee. The blend is a culmination of years of sampling and trailing blends. 
Colco Recommendations
This coffee can be enjoyed black or also works well in a latte or milky coffee. A little sugar to taste can also enhance the fragrant undertones. Its is also perfect for espresso and is a favourite amongst our trade clients,.

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