Vietnamese Coffee - Paola – Grade 1 Robusta 
Our Vietnamese coffee Is part of our Salazar Range. This coffee was chosen due to its complex flavours and high quality finish & is available in 4 roasts. Check roasts to learn more The Roasts.
Where is this coffee from?
Vietnam – Dep Lam
500 -1200m asl
What variety of coffee is it?
Vietnam Robusta – G1 S18
Colco – The Salazar Range 
What Certification does it hold?
Our Vietnamese coffee is certified via Rainforest Alliance (RFA) & UTZ.
The benefits of Rainforest Alliance include ecosystem conservation, wildlife protection, and fair payment & working conditions for farmers. UTZ Certified is the world’s largest programme for sustainable coffee and cocoa farming and focuses on good agricultural practices, farm management and the environment.
What is the Process Method?
Wet, Processed.
What are the tasting notes?
Well bodied toffee & chocolate flavour with a hint of smoke & spice. The unique special roast performed brings out the best of 2 roasts while addressing the high acidity.
What type of roast do you use for this coffee?
Special Roast – CC Strength 4/5
What is the meaning behind the name?
Paola Coffee was named after Angela's niece Paola.  Paola used to love drinking coffee with Leche Condensada (Condensed milk) and babysit for Joe when he was younger. Although she was known to let him have too much condensed milk at times. For this reason we felt it fitting to name our Vietnamese coffee Paola. We use the image of the country flag in our Salazar Range labels
What are the traditional brew methods?
Vietnamese Coffee is traditionally prepared using a Phin filter (Vietnamese coffee filter) The filtered coffee is then typically served with condensed milk which compliments the flavour profile.
Colco Recommendations
We recommended drinking this coffee using either with condensed milk. This coffee is popular with our wholesale customers due to its versatility within espressos and a flavour profile that works well dairy products and milk substitutes.

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