Honduras Coffee – Catracho – Smooth Roast
Catracho Single Origin Arabica Bourbon is roasted to a Medium Dark roast which brings out the complexity and fruitful flavour tones to this naturally processed coffee. It is a favourite among many coffee drinkers & is part of our Salazar Range. This coffee was chosen due to its complex flavours and high quality finish.
Where is this coffee from?
Honduras - La Paz, Marcala
1.350 -1500m asl
What variety of coffee is it?
Honduras Arabica – Bourbon SPG, EP
Colco – The Salazar Range 
What Certification does it hold?
Our Honduras coffee is certified as Organic & Fairtrade.
The Farmers who grow this coffee without the aid of artificial substances. They also receive fair pricing and investment into their communities. Fair trade certified coffee directly supports the coffee farming community.
What is the Process Method?
Handpicked, Natural.
What are the tasting notes?
Soft bodied coffee with a fruity fragrance, lively acidity, orange, velvety taste & smooth finish.
What type of roast do you use for this coffee?
Medium Roast – CC Strength 3/5
What is the meaning behind the name?
Catracho is named after a term of endearment and is the is nickname given by people from Honduras to fellow Hondureños (Hondurans). Angela has friends from Honduras who requested this coffee many years ago and she named it after them. The product gained popularity and remains one of our staple products. We use the image of the country flag in our Salazar Range labels
What are the traditional brew methods?
Honduras Coffee is traditionally prepared using a colador (cloth filter) The colador is widely used in South America. The filter coffee is then served black with a splash of milk.
Colco Recommendations
This coffee can be enjoyed black or also works well in a latte or milky coffee. A little sugar to taste can also enhance the fragrant undertones.

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